Client: Axe / Lynx
Agency: 72andSunny
Platform Partner:
Role: Creative Lead

To activate their global 'You’re Gold' campaign within the youth gaming community both online and at Germany’s humongous GamesCom convention, Axe partnered with, the world’s largest video streaming platform, to challenge some of the scene's most influential livestreamers to prove that they’re more than just good: they’re gold.

With 72andSunny leading the overall creative + strategic direction, this cross-platform storytelling campaign issued a personalised challenge to streamers around the world, who then documented their journey as they made their way to the final challenge in Germany. This was supplemented by a distributed content campaign on Axe / Lynx’s own channels, which took a playful, interactive approach to digital storytelling, adapting existing platforms allowing viewers to engage with them in new ways.

Axe Owned Channel Content

Axe Gold Rush took over Axe’s Instagram channels with multi-tile billboards that indivudally contained short video clips capturing the rigamarole professional gamers go through to get in the zone.

The clips were editorial in tone, with an audience-first mindset, ensuring the product fitted in organically with a tone fans are used to.

Interactive Instagram Stories Games

One of the most fun elements of the campaign was exploiting Instagram’s existing Stories’ functionality to ‘hack’ it into a gaming mechanic.

One game turned a ‘tap’ into a ‘jump’, allowing viewers to help a pixelated player avoid obstacles and reach their goal. A second game used the ‘tap and hold’ functionality to let viewers try and catch the flying gamer heads as they flew at increasing speed between the cymbals of a toy monkey.

The Call To Adventure / Axe Unboxing

Each livestreamer was sent a ceremonial invitation to take part in the Axe Gold Rush challenge. Due to the way the invitation / packaging was designed, their announcing the invitation online usefully doubled up as an unboxing, where they were able to reveal a set of personalised Axe products.

From hereon, in the lead up to GamesCom, each of the players documented their practice - and trash talked each other - to generate excitement. 

To increase fan engagement, each player offered the opportunity for one fan to join them at TwitchCom should they win the final Axe tournament. 


Live Event @ Gamescom

At the grand finale in Germany, players from Russia, Sweden, Germany, Turkey & the U.K. battled it out with the Axe Goldrush Challenge. The task was to be beat a special bespoke level of Super Meat Boy in record time. To add to the challenge, IRL distractions ended the playing arena - from park rangers to go-go dancers, giant dinosaurs and even one of the player’s girlfriends… all testing their ability to keep cool.

See the individual player livestreams below: