A short film imagining the life of Japan's highway underbelly - Bosozoku - as if featuring in the upbeat opening credits of their own Happy Days style TV Show.

Shot on location in Tokyo, with only around two hours notice that we had been granted access to the so-called 'The Mightiest Morohoshi Family,' we left in a rush to prepare for the shoot, and came away with more questions than answers.

Who are these questionable characters driving around in supercars after dark? How do they pay for it all? Who are they affiliated with? These were the questions we asked as our barely qualified, gang-selected translator, estimated our stars' answers in broken English - in a way that didn't really solve anything.

The Bosozoku in Tokyo are bike gangs with no real respect for laws, the general public or the police. They're obviously frowned upon, often causing problems for the general public. Very often they're the early makings of Yakuza. It's like a training ground. Some of them will grow up and become real gangsters. We learned more about this from Wikipedia and Google than them directly, of course.


After several emails over the course of months with a local bi-lingual YouTuber who claimed to have an in, we were given the green light to meet Morohoshi & his crew with hours to spare. We arrived at the requested flyover rest stop, and against all odds, around 60 brightly coloured, customised Lamborghinis along with their equally customised owners all appeared.

But despite the fearsome overtones of the Bosozuku's culture and legacy - Morohoshi and his clan were more than welcoming, and for a few hours we blended into their ridge racing world of make believe. 

It was the strong individuality of each of the riders, along with the family values that held them all together, that inspired us to make the Happy Days-esque Title Sequence, honouring the glamour and sweet escapism of these largely middle aged men and women's all consuming lifestyle hobby.


Producer: Alex Hoban
Cameraman: Robin Frygeri
Editor: Edward Saykay
Stills Photography: Dan Wilton
Driver / Equipment: Daichi Watanabe

Still photography

all still images by Dan Wilton