Integrated Platform + Content + Social Campaign


Client: Nike
Agency: AKQA
Role: Creative Lead


Create a seamless, stripped back buying experience for Nike's Western Europe Wholesale Christmas campaign with as few click-throughs as possible. Develop and execute a strategy for maximum opportunities to see in the digital space.



Platform: We built a responsive microsite for desktop, tablet and mobile, with a re-useable, beautifully designed interface allowing one-click to checkout at all points of the user journey.

Content: Shopping experience contextualised by illustrated sneaker magazine, bringing together the best sports and culture writers, photographers and illustrators, writing on topics ranging from basketball to shoe design to music and sneaker culture.

Social: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter campaign invited fans to engage with our content and join the conversation around the theme of 'how to rule the holidays'.


Original photography and illustration alongside original brand assets redefined how Footlocker approached online retail and social media – putting accessibility and content first. 

Credited for increasing visibility of the Foot Locker site and increasing year-on-year sales, the template for Rule The Holidays has been subsequently re-skinned and reused for other Foot Locker campaigns, representing proof of concept and great value for our client.