Brainrave connects mind, body and sound by integrating EEG brain monitoring equipment into the live music experience. We enhance and evolve the audio-visual output of a show using the power of the performer's mind. Aeon Industries will be premiering the system at Resonate with special Brainrave sets by Mr Beatnick, Kamixlo and Nightwave, bringing a visceral new dimension to rave culture.

Each DJ wears an Emotiv Insight brain monitoring headset. We combine raw EEG data with rolling averages that define different emotional markers like stress, excitement, interest, relaxation, focus and engagement. This allows us to generate a picture of the DJ’s mental activity as they feed off the crowd, the music, and move through their set. Combining this brain data with a movement tracking gyroscope, the headset’s ability to track facial expressions and qualitative data from each artist obtained by an interview assessment in advance of their performance allows us deep insight into the DJ’s inner world, which we are then able to interpret and turn into an enhanced experience for music fans.

Our prototype guinea pigs: Kamixlo, Mr Beatnick, Nightwave

For club-goers, it brings a new intimacy to the experience of watching a DJ - personalising & humanising their craft in way that can sometimes get lost behind the smoke, strobes and static CDJ/laptop stage set ups. 

Brainrave is currently in BETA prototyping, with many more elements and concepts to be developed and integrated as we learn from experience. Our end goal is to connect both the audience and artist directly, co-conducting a live music experience using nothing but their raw brain power.



Creative Director: Alex Hoban

Creative Technologist: Alice Stewart

Programmer & UX Designer: Enrique Gutierrez

DJs: Nightwave, Kamixlo, Mr Beatnick

Special Thanks: Lindsay Jessup, Sam Keating-Fry, Olivier Oullier & Kim Old @ Emotiv