Interactive live gaming

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Internet music broadcast platform Boiler Room's unspoken USP was always been innovation: sticking a webcam in a house party and broadcasting the results might seem obvious now, but when BR started it was revolutionary.

Working with Boiler Room offered a chance to go back to the community's cultural roots and update them for a new era, with an approach to interactive formats that delivers the right video at the right time, to a generation of music lovers that are as engaged with innovations in music publishing as they are with music itself. 

Aeon Industries produced a selection of concepts testing different interactive elements, which went on to be piloted by Boiler Room's in-house production team, with Track ID? now streaming weekly.

Track ID? is a visually explosive interactive music quiz where viewers guess the distorted track to win Boiler Room merchandise. Quick, cheap to produce and iterative - the show engages with Instagram's new Live delivery platform, and is the first of many platform specific community engagement series Boiler Room is pursuing. 

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Conceptual development documentation